Interested in a custom design? Let's talk.


Maybe you just got married and want to show off your new last name on your thank you notes. Or maybe you'd like a print of your family's name to hang in your home. Whatever you can think of, let's make it happen.

A few things:

  • Custom designs come with a custom design fee. This fee differs based on your project.

  • Custom designs take time. The aforementioned fee covers this, but you'll need to have patience. Most projects have a 1-2 week turnaround, plus printing and shipping times. You'll be consulted and updated throughout.

  • Print projects have minimums:

    • Poster and print designs can be one-offs.​

    • Custom stickers have a minimum quantity of 25.

    • Custom card designs have a minimum quantity of 20.

  • The greater number of items you print, the lower the cost per item. Each vendor I work with for printing breaks these costs down in different ways. Make it worth your while, and the extra fees.

Don't let any of this scare you can be more affordable than you think, and I am sure you will love the results. Just send me a message with what you'd like and I'll send you a custom quote⏤no commitment required.